Top 5 best offline games: Keep playing without data

Top 5 best offline games for Android

Meaning to be offline is not tedious. Fortunately, there are games that will work well without Wi-Fi or data and will keep you entertained. Next time you’re trapped in a long flight offline or hang out in traffic without better connectivity, check out our selection of top sports.

Soul Knight APK

App Features

  • In this action-packed dungeon adventure in retro style, you can take it without you.
  • Many unlawful weapons and playable heroes provide many traps to defeat the enemy.
  • The rocking retro metal soundtrack receives your adrenaline pumping.


Cut off a hefty wax armor in a random black hole. This combination of fantasy and over-the-top action is easy to learn, but the challenge quickly increases – when satisfaction is achieved. Soul Knight is completely offline, but some unlocking components can be purchased only through the internet connection.

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Paper Wings APK

App Features

  • Inevitably, easy-to-learn gameplay and short game sessions make it successful for arcade gaming fans.
  • Unlock many new birds – each has its own unique push.
  • Birdwatchers will appreciate the facts and biographies of each bird.


In unique swap-based gameplay with a minimal, soft soundtrack, this is surrounded by arcade game. The currency is not very difficult, which means that you do not feel bored trying to unlock more feathered friends. But when you unlock it, you can not see the “specialty” of each bird.

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Space Marshals 2 APK

App Features

  • The enthusiastic players of this game’s thinking, the strategic match will be happy.
  • All 20 missions – Tell the story of Wild West adventure that has established itself in place – for free.
  • Customize the style of your game with more than 70 weapons and throw it out of high-tech energy weapons.


You’ll find your favorite genre secret here – with lightning, make a fuss, hack an enemy tower or pull the straw on the back. If you die offline, you will have to wait 15 seconds to come again. To avoid delays, you can upgrade to a premium.

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I Love Hue APK

App Features

  • Check out the color imagery in this colorful puzzle game.
  • Hugh Gaming Zen, which requires minimal beauty and championship or timekeeping skills.
  • The challenge is rising surprisingly – it’s a breakthrough to take over the hex!


In the difficult times of the Internet, you will not get a more quiet game. The pastel fuel palette delights the eye with infinite, while the text and the sound are easily opened by the spars text. It can take hours to compensate for the required “prism” for each level. So if you think you should be offline for some time, we want to do it in advance.

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Adventure Llama APK

App Features

  • This runner game is an adventure in the style of Indiana Jones and … Llama is a unique creature!
  • One-button gameplay and small levels make Adventure Llama accessible to players of all capabilities.
  • Unlock the new auction in the form of a cow or a sheep from Llama (poorly) to “Llama tourist”

Adventure Llama

Pablo Llama looks stupid, but it’s a dream: to explore the ruins of ancient civilization. We love platforming gameplay, but do not accept Llamas about it: With balloons and innovations, even with balloons capable and can slide through the old Dangsan, you can catch and keep what’s too much to do.

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