Best Android Photo Editing Apps 2019

There are three types of photo editors for Android. There are some people trying to run desktop photo editors like Adobe Lightroom CC. The second type is a lighter weight editor like Snapped, which takes the basics and tries to work for you. Finally, we have social media filter photo editors that do not do much but add some fun effects. It is enough for one of the three options we can use to convert our head. That’s why we list the best photo editors for Android. Please note that none of them have the power, such as GIMP, LITRUM or Photoshop. For serious photo editing, you still need a computer on these platforms and one of the best image editors!

Adobe photo editor apps


Adobe has released various editing tools in recent years. Some of the best available photo editor apps are available. Some options include Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix and Adobe Lightroom. There are various facilities to help everyone do things to you. You can do simple tasks like removing red-eye to edit RAW files recorded by your smartphone or DSLR camera. The Adobe Lightroom has been updated especially with new features. The only possible warning is that some of them need Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription to enjoy all the features. Users who are already using Adobe CC should definitely get this because they are already included in the CC Subscription.

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Aviary is a long time popular photo editor with huge features and credibility. Most of the time, if you look lazy today, it offers a one-touch enhancement mode, but there are some types of manual adjustments so that you can use color, brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation and more. Can set some. The sticker, the filter and the cosmetic device, eg. For example, to fix red eyes, remove stains and tooth whitening.

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Bonfire Photo Editor Pro


The Bonfire Photo Editor is one of the fastest photo editor apps. It’s very good. There are numerous basics that include filters with original editing tools. What makes Bonfire enjoyment is the sheer number of filters that support it. It comes with your usual stuff like black and white, HDR, but it has some unique things like fancy, a filter that turns your photo into watercolor paint. There are some basic editing tools, such as remove scent and scar from the skin.

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Cupslice Photo Editor


Cupslice is another photo editor that relies heavily on things like filters to make good experiences. There are various stickers at the top of the filter. Developers are working hard to maintain the latest trends, so your stickers are usually up-to-date. The filter can be customized to see what you want. There are also some basic photo editing tools such as crop, frame, color and saturation, black and white, collage and brightness and contrast settings. This is not one of the more complex photo editor apps, but it’s one of few that can be used for free. There are only a few issues related to this problem here and there.

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Fotor Photo Editor


Fotor is a longtime member of this catalog and has many blogs and catalogs that have a list of Fotor. We believe that it has more real editing tools than any other, and it provides the ability to increase the photo with a single touch of the button. Some other tools include crop, rotate, glow, contrast, saturation, contact, advertisement, shadows, lights, temperature, color, and RGB. If they do not work, you have more than 100 filters to choose from. This is definitely worth the effort. The only drawback is that they are signed to use the app, and this is one of the more expensive photo editor apps.

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LightX Photo Editor


LightX is one of the next photo editor apps. There are some good features in that it has been successful on IOS. It has color balance, level, and curve. For example, background change tool, color splash effects, and many types of slider tools. You can also merge photos. There are also vague functions, photo collages, form manners, and stickers. It’s still in beta. That is, there are worms. However, eventually, the top 5 picture editors should be among them.

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Photodirector is a relatively new entry in Photo Editing Area of ​​Android and it’s nice. Like a footer, instead of a filter, the focus is on manual anthomas. You can access HSL Sliders, RGB color channels, white balance and more to properly edit your photos. There are sliders for tone, brightness, darkness, contact, and reversal for detailed editing. It should be something more powerful than the filter which should be the most powerful and good for it.

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Photo Effects Pro


Photo Effects Pro is definitely an editor for anyone who likes to play with filters, effects, stickers and the like. It offers the possibility of adding more than 40 filters and effects and text, stickers and frames. Unusual feature Photo Effects Pro provides the ability to make fingerprints on your photos, making them unique. Photo editing is a small selection of tools, but you certainly get it for that performance. It’s free to download and use, which makes it worthwhile on a budget.

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Photo Lab


Photo Lab is not one of the most popular photo editor apps. However, the application has been successful. There are more than 640 filters, frames and effects you can run. This makes it one of the largest collections available to consumers. In this way, you can create montages together to create some unique photos that you can share with friends, easily edit photos and add effects. There is a free version with ads and watermarks. You can try it free of charge before purchasing a pro version.

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Photo Mate R3

Photo Mate R3 is a metaphysical successor of photo-Met R2, one of the best photo editors on the list. It’s still new, so it’s time to develop and improve. Right now, you have access to a very powerful suite of editing tools, including all the basics. It also has native support for RAW files, which is ideal for photographers. This application also comes with a lens collection that can improve lens problems such as vignetting, distortion and color blocking. It’s about Pro as soon as it comes to Android. The only drawback is that other photo editors have the same options.

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PicsArt Photo Editor


PicsArt has been around for a long time and has so far downloaded more than 250 million. Fortunately, the developers have updated the app to keep it up to date. Here you can find frequently used objects as well as light editing tools as well as filters, text, stickers, and collages. It has over 100 editing tools and creative community that can share content. You can use this app to create animated gifs and drag content to your photos. It’s a strong option with many features. There are also many other photo tools by PicsArt.

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Autodesk’s Pixlr, also known as Pixlr Express, is a powerful photo editor that has consistently recommended our readers. This is the best tool you can get in touch with the button, and it includes other features and tools you can use. Even the filters, although they are sent as finding them “overlays” and contain cosmetic editing tools such as “remover fault” and “whit whiteners”. This is slightly better for everyone in the Better Photo Editor app.

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Snapseed is definitely one of the best photo editor apps. Google bought it a few years ago. This app has become a powerful photo editor in this app. It is the support of RAW photos that the photographers would like. You can optimize the image with various sliders and one-touch enhancement tools. There are also some filters when you’re there. How powerful it is, it’s easy and easy. The app is one of the few free photo editor apps where no ad or app is purchased. We recommend that before, after the Adobe app and everything afterward.

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TouchRetouch is one of the more unique photo editor apps. It does not remove ordinary things such as oily skin or red color. Instead, other items from the photos are removed. You can remove small power objects from your recording that you do not want there and in some cases, you can also remove people. Whether the app works perfectly or not. We do not recommend you expect miracles, but they usually work very well. This is a one time purchase costing $ 1.99. So, check it before the recovery phase is over.

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Vimage is a new photo editor app with some beautiful features. It’s similar to the LG V40’s Cinema feature. You can take photos without adding objects and add moving elements to them. You can do basic edits like Brightness, Blur, Cropping, Rotation, Saturation and more. Then you can include one of the animated animations in the photo to bring it to life. During our tests, I came up with Pedal’s dream of a flower (Judge). It creates some unique animated images which you can not see every day. If you do not have the cost option, the app has several subscription options or purchase cost.

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