Top 5 News Apps Download for Android

Best 5 News Apps for Android Phone

Everyone wants to be up to date on current events, but losing news feed can be easy. These five apps make it easy for you to find and organize what’s important to you.

1. Knappily – The Knowledge App


Knappily is an award-winning app that presents a 360-degree view of current affairs and features on sports, business, technology, politics, philosophy, TV shows, mythology, movies, and anything that anyone will find interesting.

Apps Features

  • Knappily who want to understand the depth of news and issues with limited time
  • The long read articles are called “kannaps”, split pages based on 5W1H (what, why, when, where and how)
  • Bookmark “Knapp” and read it later, whether you’re offline

Knappily gives to Research and fact-based reporting enable you to fully cover important stories. Read celebrity and environmental topics from business, read different topics, or read the story of the trend in the burning issues category. Need a break from reading? Check your small dose to check your IQ.

2. News by The Times of India Newspaper App – Latest News


The Official Times of India app gives you the latest parliamentary news, parliamentary election headlines, Bollywood news, and live news alerts, cricket, business, travel, gadgets, education, and city news. Worldwide, live TV, news from photos and videos from around the world – at any time, download the TOI news app on your phone!

Apps Features

  • Read the important stories for you – Hyper-local to international – Long or short
  • View online stories or bookmark them for offline reading
  • Stream four TV channels for business, entertainment, and general news

The TIO key application contains worldwide coverage of branded content of Times, ET Times, NBT and Filmfare Brands. Here you will find entertainment news, such as general news, political analysis, and game updates as well as celebrities, general knowledge games, and pop culture gallery.

Download APK Now

3. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. App


Use Pocket to capture the content available to you throughout the day and curate your section with topics of your interest. Store the latest stories, articles, news, games, and videos from any device, publisher, or app. Then corrupt your mind with calm eyes, free hand and fresh attention, viewing, and listening experience.

Apps Features

  • Have you found an interesting article or video that you want to recreate later? Save it offline with a bag
  • If you need to do more than one task, let the app read the page again.
  • Use “item view” to remove all unnecessary interruptions and read more carefully.

With Pocket, you can store items on various platforms from different devices for offline reading on your phone. Select “Preferences” to make searching easier. For long-term reference, select the personalized article “Tags” and “Archive”. You can also mark texts while reading. Recently added reading time is a plus.

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4. BBC News App


This app also has BBC World Service radio stream live, social features and personalization so you can rearrange news categories according to your interests.

Apps Features

  • Get global messages from reliable resources with this familiar no-notes app
  • Visit your own messages section to select topics you are interested in
  • Read offline with the option to automatically download articles in the background

Search the BBC’s top headlines or your personal news feed to make it easier to read it with the text and layout of your choice. You can also hear and hear the live BBC World Service Radio. We appreciate the latest news but we want to accept it.

Download APK Now

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5. Flipboard: News For Our Time


Flipboard news collects popular stories and conversations so you can sit back and browse the latest and greatest stories of our time.
Flipboard prevents the world from giving full perspective to the stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed and stopping your time well. What is your importance, focus on the random condition in other people’s lives.

Apps Features

  • Visual Studio – An impressive layout You feel like you’re reading a magazine
  • Provides customized content suggestions based on the types of stories you read
  • Make “Interesting” summaries of your interests and share content with friends and followers

Flipboard wants to help you get the information you really need. It is not only related to your particular interests in topics but not only related issues. There are infinite ways to customize your experience, but depending on what you read, the app needs some time to adapt.

Download APK Now

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